Thursday, 19 July 2007

The missing link???

At last some sensible journalism from our friends at the New York Times. (And you all say that I only write nasty things about the media. Shame on all of you!!!)

Someone, probably after four years of undergraduate study, two years for his masters and another three for the PhD (provided that he never failed anything and after reading this article, it's not a certainty that he didn't) and after many years of in depth research, probably at the tax payers (yours and mine) expense, has discovered that pornography leads to violence- especially violence against children. Well blow me down! 

How long would it take your average mother or father to come up with the same conclusion? And how much would it have cost?

The best is yet to come:

"Those who are arrested on charges or distribution of child pornography receive lighter sentences and shorter parole periods than sexual abusers. they do not fit any criminal stereotype"

I guess being a pervert is no longer a criminal stereotype. That must be of great comfort to many families out there. But I guess it's Ok if you only look at child pornography- after all, I am sure the person taking the photos in the first place to feed this habit really did it tastefully!

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