Thursday, 19 July 2007

Does the new PM have a tinge of pink???

England's new PM has suddenly come bursting out of the closet and jumped into a most predictable two step dance with our LGBT brothers and sisters.

If Gordon Brown hadn't won the media battle before this, then I guess he has now!

It is somewhat a remarkably predictable article. The homosexual lobby wanting to know what special things the government is going to do for it and how it can protect itself from families, religion and normality.

However that doesn't stop me from being concerned about some of the less clear proposals from the new PM. Just take the government's real commitment to the stamping out of homophobia. A noble thing if it is designed to tackle a real problem of gratuitous violence. However like most government proposals with a liberal agenda, there is never any definition given of what 'homophobia' actually is. It's just assumed that everyone will know it when he/she/it or whatever sees it. Of course that's not exactly giving power to the victims.

One of the cornerstones of liberal democracies is that when rights are enshrined either by constitution or by legislation, they are done so under the simple principle of being universally recognisable, which is also the foundation for their being  enforced. How do prevent victims of 'ethnocraxy' if no one knows what it is? Do you just issue police officers dictionaries as well as guns? "Halt in the name of Wikipedia, or I'll shoot!"

Rights are based on what is  truly universal, not on some special privilege or condition. The universal rights of man are something that are precisely that- universal to all men. Homosexuality is not something universal. Yet LGBT pretend rights, not based on what is shared by all, but on the basis of something that sets them apart. The homosexual demand for marriage is not based on their being human persons, but rather on the basis of their being homosexual. There is no right based on race, religion or sexuality. Rights belong to all men and hence there can be no basis other than this- their universality. I have no right to be married because I am black. As a black man I have the right like all men to be married. Those who identify themselves as homosexual already have the right to get married, based on what is universal- they just don't have it to get married to someone of the same sex, which is not.

There is no right to privelage. 

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