Sunday, 5 August 2007

Just to let you know

It seems the only thing that is of any interest to the Australian news media about the Catholic Church recently is the Victorian priest who was caught on Youtube. The one mentioned below.

The followup article "Victorian priest flees Melbourne" is just another example of the quest for truth that just seems to evade the media's grasp. If it were anyone else he would have been seeking solitude, a pause for reflection- since he is a priest he must be on the run.

Of course in the spirit of follow-up journalism, no one ever seemed to ask why those innocent little cherubs who bore the brunt of such an unprovoked attack had a video camera with them on the day of the incident. Now that is a mystery... kids doing what they shouldn' filming with video cameras... kids with the presence of mind to upload it onto Youtube and promote it... Nope, can't say I see any mischief in that. No need for another stories boys, mystery solved!

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