Thursday, 19 July 2007

Who has sex on his mind???

Any Catholic knows that what sets him apart from everyone else is his understanding of sex. It is only the Church's understanding of sex, how it is to be done, when and by whom that is the sole reason why people join the Church, give their money and eventually end up being buried in one. There is no other reason...

O sorry- you don't fit into that camp? You must be one of the few Catholics who believes in God and in Jesus Christ His only Son. You must also be one of the few Catholics who doesn't get their Faith from the New York Times.

The article in the NY Times about the outspoken Archbishop who dares to criticise the Mugabe regime and has fallen foul of the Zimbabwean prime minister's telephoto lens, has been quite a success. The question is for whom? Now while no one condones adultery , but since when does it become a matter of prime time interest to the world's press? Ans: when it is a Catholic clergyman involved. But remember, you are obsessed with sex. You just can't help yourself! (Stop it you dirty thing!)

Anyway, now that the press can talk openly about the Archbishop's alleged indiscretions (I have no way of knowing if it is true or not) they seem to have forgotten about why this man is in the headlines in the first place. This is a man who is courageously speaking out against a somewhat questionable regime when the rest of the world just watches. I suppose some are hoping that what Planned Parenthood can't do, Robert Mugabe will. Yet, it's the sex that sells. 

This is typical of the Western press who who are notorious for playing the man and not the ball. The whole world will now obsess for a few hours about whether or not the Bishop did it. They will necessarily forget about what Mugabe does!

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