Friday, 20 July 2007

What about your average Catholic???

The recent shift in 'catholic concern' brought on by a bout of political correctness within some elements of the Church has meant that your average Joe and Mary Catholic have been feeling a little left out of all these reasons to 'celebrate their faith.' 

While some sons of the Church bend over backwards to accommodate the feminists, LGBT, the environmentalists and whatever minority group that puts up its hand to be heard, Mr and Mrs Catholic don't get a look in. You know, all those people who are busy working, paying off the mortgage, struggling to make ends meet, raise the kids and take out the garbage 'aint feelin the love of their local pastor.' He's a bit like the Spirit of God- he's everywhere but no one seems to know where he is.  But is he listening?

Question- if local churches had to survive on the donations from the minorities with which they are obsessed (particularly those who have the money- i.e. the gays, the feminists and the environmentalists) how long do you think they would last? You know all those mums and dads out there who aren't being heard are the ones who keep the ship afloat. Please God their faith will prevent them from doing the obvious.

Now there are many excellent priests who aren't trying to do the 'next big thing'. They are really struggling just to do the normal things with pastoral excellence. They preach on the hard subjects because they know that the love of God is demanding. But they don't do it just so that they can  be heard, they do it so that those who hear the Truth may be happy. A good priest knows life is tough and at times seemingly a bit beyond us. He knows that not because he read it somewhere or because someone had to tell him, but because his own life has truly taken on the form of the Cross. His life is always shaped and moulded by the difficulties of the lives of his flock. No true priest ever refuses to carry the same burdens as his sheep. How could he- he carries his sheep on his shoulders.

So mums, dads and clergy, let's remember a simple truth- we need our priests just as much as they need us. As Newman said "the Church would look rather silly without the laity." And as Jesus Christ said- "the sheep without the shepherd are easy prey for the wolves."

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Anonymous said...

It seems that the person who writes these comments shares the views of many who are busying living their lives and their faith rather than hoping that 'others' will change in their focus on minorities or whatever other politically correct issue the Catholic Church in Australia wants to concern itself with: everything but souls.