Friday, 27 July 2007

No amnesty for its memebers

Amnesty International is an organisation fighting violence against humanity- at least against certain members of humanity. Soon to become a major international player in the promotion of abortion, there is controversy surrounding Amnesty's new policy. Some say that the answer is easy, if you object to abortion you just stop donating your time and money. It's a simple case of picking up your marbles and going home. Not so easy.

The response of those who want the change is straightforward- 'if you don't like it, we are terribly sorry, but the door is that clear glass thing to your right.' But what about all those people who believed in Amnesty's work and gave many years of service and contributed much hard earned cash to its coffers? The work and sacrifice of so many people that helped build Amnesty International and made it such a force for good has now, to put it bluntly, been violated. Many of those who supported Amnesty do not support abortion, yet the fruits of their work will now be used to promote it. Where's the justice in that?

You have an organisation that has been taking people's money and time under false pretences. Now while those who object can leave the organisation, they cannot take the fruits of their labour and their already spent donations with them. They leave behind them structures, resources and assets that will now be used for something they never supported.

Is this the justice Amnesty promotes? You see it's simple, you cannot violate one human right- the right to life- and think you won't violate the others. You take away the most fundamental of rights and you undermine and eventually destroy them all. Its a job lot!


Anonymous said...

An interesting perspective. Most of the times you tend to go along with the press. Nice one! I hadn't thought about it in terms of good will!

Andy B. said...

I agree- who's going to represent the donors? That's a lot of money that AI have in their bank. Some of it's mine.