Monday, 30 July 2007

The lone state

The amount of evidence is becoming embarrassing. Yet again the Sydney Morning Herald has the latest installment of 'Don't touch my conscience while I am telling you what to do.'

Ms Lee Rhiannon of the Green party in Sydney NSW, the one who told Card Pell to keep his nose out of state business and wants him investigated for contempt of parliament, has expressed deep concern that the Church will not use WYD Sydney to promote condom use. I am sure she is outraged that the Church would not consider her proposal, given the standard of excellence she has set in Church-State relations.

We are all moved when we read:
The NSW Department of Health will have to go it alone if it wants to develop and disseminate any messages about safe sex, including information on HIV and sexually transmittable diseases, which it provided for the Sydney Olympics in 2000, the Gay Games and the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.
Poor little state. What a trooper!

We can talk until we are blue in the face, but people like Ms Rhiannon refuse to see a most basic point: that the Church is promoting the only safe-sex message there is- chastity. The probability of your child who lives a christian life of contracting an STD is the same as the propbability that the state of NSW will ever get AIDS! Their attitude shows more than disagreement with views held by believers, it is contemptuous of the fact that believers may have a view that is not the prevailing secular orthodoxy. The difference is not just in the message, it is in the principles of those who make the arguments.

How revealing that the State is incapable of distinguishing between a religious event like WYD and something like the Gay Mardis Gras or the Gay Games. Somewhere behind closed doors some people are whispering about WYD being an excuse for Catholic sex, drugs and rock n' roll. I wonder if they are secretly trying to see where they can buy tickets? I hope they keep their receipts for when they want their money back.

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