Thursday, 19 July 2007

A book and its cover???

You can tell how a diocese is being lead almost right from its home page.

You know how most dioceses (and parishes for that matter) have these beautiful web sites that tell you all about the bishop's priorities for his flock. Well a lot of these diocesan cyber-bulletins have three major issues they want you to know they care about:

1) some type of minority ministry (lay)- usually some form of gay outreach 
Of course there will be other links and themes, but we are talking about priorities and what they want you to know are their priorities. The above issues may be important for some people- but are they really the overriding issues for most Catholics in the western world? I seriously doubt it. 

What about a new list? One that would probably help most normal Catholics to be better ones- i.e. saints:

Now that would be a start. Wouldn't it?

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